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A large number of interactives for the keep of Dover Castle, illustrating the visit of Henry VIII. It includes examples of the technology of the time, such as in carpentry, textiles, locks and rush mat weaving. It recreates what it would feel like to have the King and his royal entourage drop in. 

Most of the items you see here were designed and built by Interactive Imagination.

DoverGeneralView.JPG (693×496)


Lock Mechanism
This three lever lock mechanism and keys were made with a clear window allowing the visitor to see it in operation. The visible parts have some scroll work to make it more attractive


Table as used by mediaeval accountants
A wooden board with a roman numeralled grid and counters, a form of abacus



Queens of Henry VIII Interactive
This simple interactive poses questions and pressing your choice of answer button illuminates a graphic panel showing if you are right or wrong



Graphic Scroll Table
This contains two looped belts showing a royal procession. The big wooden wheels allow the visitor to scan the whole scroll. The picture is a detail of the entourage that Henry VIII would need when travelling



Textile Dyes
Textile dyes can be seen by lifting the handles of the captive jars. When the wheel is turned to point to a colour, a graphic panel is revealed showing who would have worn that colour


WheelTable.JPG (591×396)


Dover Harbour
See how the natural port of Dover was developed to improve it for shipping. Match up the map tiles with the information on the circular plaques. A portion of the top is landscaped to loosely resemble the Dover coastline including a block model of the castle


seaPort.JPG (690×496)


The King's Coffers
These are some of the coffers that the King would take with him on his tours of England. They are in oak faced MDF with steel banding. The lids are supported by gas struts and the drawers have steel runners. Little secrets are hidden in the drawers. Who can resist opening them? The scroll table's rollers can be seen in the foreground without it's graphics


KingsBoxes.JPG (588×396)

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