Groundbreaking Way of Keeping Stories Alive & Engaging Audiences with Big Impact

Interactive Imagination’ based at Elstree Studios UK have been integral in a three year, $5m project using the latest technology called the New Dimensions in Testimony launched on Sunday 29th October 2017. This has enabled the Museum in a very interactive way to keep the memories of 13 Holocaust survivors alive. The Museum is the first in the world to have this and use this technology. Steven Spielberg's founder of the Shoah Foundation is integral to this project based at the University of Southern California with the aim of preserving as many survivor stories as possible. 

Our expertise and experience in holographics projects resulted in us designing the full bespoke control system which integrated the stage and house lighting, audio, video and survivors stories using Artificial Intelligence . The audiences invited to a specially designed theatre within the museum were able to see the survivors in 3D and interact with them. The experience has true visual depth unlike any museum anywhere else in the world.  

At the end of a compelling film introduction for each of the survivors discussing their Holocaust experiences a moderator takes the audience’s questions and with a tweek to that question the survivor’s hologram would then answer them. The 3D holograms have over 30,000 responses ranging from topics regarding Auschwitz and also simpler questions about their favourite colour or food. 

The experience of seeing the testimonies in this way invoked overwhelming emotion both in the survivors and the audience and this has been to rave reviews.

The MD the technical brains behind II’s involvement found the whole experience extremely moving & was honoured to have played a part in ensuring the survivor stories will never be forgotten. ‘This will mean 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 50 years from now people will know what happened in this darkest period of history.

Chicago Tribune, Interactive Imagination: Holocaust museum - Take-a-stand - Chicago

Holocaust museum centre - Chicago

Illinois holocaust museum


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Frizie Fritzshal Introduction and Q&A


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