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Introducing the BrightLight Controller a BrightSign Add-on!

The BrightLight Controller is the intermediate solution for connecting custom, network-based hardware to industry standard DMX lighting. The BrightLight Controller allows for BrightSign players as well as other smart devices, connected to a local network, to control traditional DMX lighting fixtures as well as two additional mains AC devices, by UDP messages.

This version was specially created or a client who has requested for switched AC outputs.

Full DMX Control

The BrightLight Controller allows for complete DMX channel control. Channels may be controlled in independently, grouped or in a ranged fashion, making the BrightLight Controller incredibly versatile and user friendly!

Fading effects

Fading DMX fixtures has never been easier! The BrightLight Controller empowers you to easily create linear fade transitions as well as turning ON/OFF for DMX connected lighting fixture. With this, the BrightLight Controller can bring environments and scenery to life with minimal effort.

Switched mains

For complete system control, the BrightLight Controller also features two independently switched mains outputs. This gives you the ability to turn ON/OFF any mains powered device such as an interactive display, lighting fixtures and more, for complete control of your exhibit!

Intuitive BrightSign Add-on

Integrating a BrightSign player with the BrightLight Controller is done in just a few simple steps. The BrightLight Controller is truly a “plug-n-play” device which does not require any driver, or software installation. Setup is as simple as plugging everything in and setting up your BrightSign project on BrightAuthor. Allowing you to focus more on the task at hand.

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