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Get your visitors interacting with physical objects.

Whether you are telling a story, selling a hot new line of products or teaching children, our RFID based exhibits can be a real hit!

Tactile Engagement For Maximum Immersion

The options are countless with this exhibit. You can place RFID tags in virtually anything!

Use the items you sell on a daily basis for a commercial roll out, or for children how about different shapes and objects?

We can help come up with an interesting feedback system for the users. Perhaps its some information about the object placed in the reader, how much it costs, customisation options and add to cart services in store!

Choose your story.

In this example we have a project that was completed for the Churchill War Museums. You can read more about it here

The idea is to decode messages on the screen. Your story can be different and feature completely new functionality involving lights and sounds.

Beautiful Designs Brought To Life

Tell us what your idea is and let us build it for you.

We have a team of talented designers and fabricators that will work to your specifications.

Eggs, shapes, clothes, toys, anything is possible!

Robust Software Built To Last

Our software is written by talented in-house engineers, so even if the idea sounds complex, we can handle it.

Bespoke electronics are built to give you flexibility on how to install and interact the exhibit.

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