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The assembly line interactive is a game where two team race against each-other to correctly assemble as many "gear widgets" as possible within a time-frame. The original exhibit was put out of service due to difficulty of maintenance and clunky performance; this is when the Industry Museum in Horsens, Denmark selected us to overhaul the entire exhibit and re-brand the look and feel of the game to make it fresh and exciting for new and repeating visitors.

We have replaced the previous back-end system which consisted of in-efficient and out-dated gear with a single low-power server running our own developed software stack to coordinate and manage the exhibit. Most of the displays have also been replaced featuring contemporary standard HDMI inputs, this enables for upgradeability and easier maintenance. All of the touch buttons have also been replaced with stainless steel, vandal-proof piezo touch buttons for long lasting operation.

To "scan" an assembled widget we use digital scales which we have also replaced. With the newly upgraded scales we are able to remotely address and fix any drift or offset errors which may occur over time without the need of on-site personnel.

The exhibit is entirely autonomous, with a built-in presence sensor, the system wakes up from low-power sleep mode into the regularly scheduled mode. Our software also features a front-end user configuration interface where the client is able to change game parameters such as game time, team names and more.

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