Industry Museum - The Modern Denmark

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"The Modern Denmark" exhibit is a colourful tour of the industrial past in Denmark, at the Industry Museum in Horsens, Denmark. The exhibit walks you through the life of the workers of the industrial era and how technology has enhanced our everyday lives.


The exhibit features our groundbreaking HoloMesh which is a fully scalable holographic display. The display itself is a very fine mesh coated with a specially formulated nano-particle paint for the ultimate balance between light transmittance and reflection. The result is a spectacular display with holographic effect and a sense of depth.

The exhibit also features 80 lighting fixtures, 14 speakers and 3 projectors. Most of the lighting fixtures are also DMX driven by our own BrightLight Controller, programmed using BrightAuthor for BrightSign. The ease of programming the BrightLight also meant that the project could be completed within a relatively short time-frame.

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