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The Dolls House exhibit is part of the collection of installations we have done for the Workers' Flats at the Industry Museum in Horsens, Denmark.

The 1950's doll house contains 3 interactive rooms where each of the 4 dolls may be placed, the result is different audio plays depending on which doll was placed where. To achieve this we utilised RFID technology to reliably determine the doll position.

Each room features a concealed RFID antenna with a target platform for the visitor to place the doll onto. Each doll has also been modified to house an RFID tag which uniquely identifies the doll and allows for a different audio clip to be played for each doll.

Each room also features programmable LED lighting; when a doll is placed on a platform in a room, the LED lighting lights up the room, indicating its active state. All of the I/O interfacing and communication of the RFID sensors is done via the network using the MQTT protocol. The central exhibit server controls all of the worker flats exhibits simultaneously.

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