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The Record Player exhibit is part of the collection of installations we have done for the Workers' Flats at the Industry Museum in Horsens, Denmark.

The 1970’s Bang & Olufsen record player exhibit is a heavily modified version of the original record player to play digital audio files whilst still allowing vinyl records to be placed on the turntable to preserve the original sense of the record player.

The exhibit visitor places a vinyl record on top of the turntable, the turntable automatically starts spinning and depending on which record is placed, a certain song automatically starts playing. It may seem like magic to the average visitor, however, we have used the latest RFID technology and some clever IoT network communication to achieve this functionality. Each vinyl record contains a unique RFID identification tag which when placed on the turntable, is read by the receiver inside of the chassis and then signalled back to the central server. The server then relays back which song to play based on the vinyl record that is placed. All of this however, was not achieved without some physical complications and in-depth research about electromagnetics and the magnetic properties of the stainless steel chassis.

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