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The TV exhibit is part of the collection of installations we have done for the Workers' Flats at the Industry Museum in Horsens, Denmark.

The 1970’s TV exhibit at the Industry Museum in Denmark is a never-seen-before achievement of modern technology. We have re-created an old CRT television set using state-of-the-art digital laser projection technology and networked content management, whilst keeping the original look and feel of the 70’s television set.

We diamond-cut the original CRT tube of the TV and only used the front glass panel as the projection screen; the rest of the TV internals were removed apart from the speakers. As the front screen was now transparent, we had to use paint as our projection medium.
The paint which we developed over 6 months is a special mix containing tiny nanoparticles which help reflect light and keep the colours saturated without disrupting the transmissive properties. This gave us the a fine balance between image contrast, light transmission and colour saturation, even in brightly lit rooms! The paint also completely obfuscates the projector lamp allowing it to be viewed from any angle.

We selected an ultra-compact, short-throw, high brightness laser projector (DLP) in rear-pro configuration together with a 45-degree mirror (rear projection) to fit all of the electronics in the compact enclosure. This interactive exhibit is expected to run without failure for over 10 years!

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