Natural History Museum - Attenborough Studio

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The Darwin Centre is the most significant expansion at the Natural History Museum since it moved to South Kensington in 1881. The Attenborough Studio is part of the brand new Darwin Centre where admission is free and popular Nature Live talks take place. The Attenborough Studio is a state-of-the-art communication centre where innovation technology, Museum specimens, live animals, spectacular natural history film footage and Museum scientists come together to create an inspiring programme of free daily films and live events for the general public. From a technology and engineering point of view the Attenborough Studio is quite unique.

We were contacted to bring the exciting vision created by the Natural History Museum to life. The vision to develop a totally automated and sophisticated hybrid broadcast studio AV presentation space operated by a non-technical crew that allows the general public to quite literally ‘engage’ with scientists. Created with bespoke high-resolution content, interactive touch-screens enabled the realization of ‘augmented reality’.

Each member of the audience to select their own view of a particular creature for example. Tilting the handset can effectively see all around the animal, resulting in a quite extraordinary and unique experience.


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