Tollund Man Microscope – Silkeborg Museum

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The Tollund Man is the naturally mummified remains of a man who lived during the 4th century BCE (Pre-roman Iron Age). We assisted Silkeborg Museum in creating a microscopic sample exhibit, where visitors are able to view some samples relating to Tollund Man in high definition at the microscopic level.

All of the samples where set in clear circular discs made out of an epoxy resin so that they can be easily viewed in high definition. As this exhibit was being installed at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic the museum was keen to reduce the need for having physical interactions with the exhibit. To facilitate this we designed and built an exhibit using a capacitive button mounted under the table were visitors just need to wave their hand above the sample to switch between samples.

We achieved this by creating a custom made circuit board that connects the capacitive button to a motorised lead screw that will cycle through the position of the samples. The microscope would optically magnify the samples by a factor of 22, displaying the visual output to a high definition display.


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