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The Knights Game interactive exhibit is an exciting clue-finding game for all ages that takes place in a refurbished barn nearby The Manor House of Hald in Viborg, Denmark. The game consists of a projection-mapped table, surrounding projected walls, and computer vision.

Visitors get the opportunity to ramble on a medieval quest through space and time, visiting historical sites and collecting Coats of Arms centred around Niels Bugge, a very wealthy and powerful nobleman in the 14th century, to save the last and fifth castle of Hald, an old manor by the breath-taking surroundings of a lake in Dollerup Parish near Viborg. During the game, the player must place a coat of arms on the projected table, which then reveals whether it is correct or not by playing certain animations on the surrounding walls.

We made clever use of 10 networked BrightSign media players issuing wall and table projections and were responsible for designing the underlying resilient software framework in the Game Challenge, including AI Computer Vision programming and game state machine programming using our Twilight Show Control System.

The system was also designed with an automatic standby mode to safeguard the projection and other equipment and minimise the risk of condensation. The system automatically wakes up upon detection of visitors at the entrance by the 360-degree PTZ camera.

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