CPH Skills - The Solar Mobile Trailer

Education & Early Learning

In a groundbreaking initiative, we have successfully revamped a conventional truck trailer into a captivating and sustainable mobile exhibition. This innovative learning space, fueled entirely by 2200W of solar energy from four meticulously installed 550W solar panels, challenges prevailing perceptions of vocational education. Dubbed the Copenhagen Skills' (CPH Skills) mobile exhibition, this project seeks to illuminate the pivotal role vocational skills play in shaping a greener future for the upcoming generations.

At the heart of this transformation lies a state-of-the-art solar energy system, featuring a robust solar controller capable of supplying 3000W from the inverter. The LiFePO4 batteries, selected for their resilience even in extreme temperatures as low as -20 Celsius, ensure the trailer's operational efficiency during Denmark's harsh winters. Notably, the exhibit system's design prioritizes energy efficiency, boasting a low-power standby state drawing only 100W and an impressive 400W savings during periods of inactivity. As the trailer embarks on its educational journey, Interactive Imagination takes pride in delivering not just an exhibit but an immersive experience.

The challenges encountered during the installation process underscore the dedication of our team. Over a seven-day period, we battled freezing temperatures, ice-covered roof, and dry air conditions to install the solar panels and integrate the solar energy system into the existing trailer mains wiring. The end result is a transformative learning space, now equipped to inspire younger generations towards a greener and more sustainable future. Interactive Imagination's commitment to repurposing and breathing new life into a conventional trailer underscores the power of creative thinking in addressing educational and environmental challenges simultaneously.

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